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Reconstituting Rurality
Seminar on Public Art and the Rural
hosted in collaboration with Nida Art Colony
7-10 May, Nida Art Colony, Lithuania

Nordic/Baltic Studio for Continued Engagement

Post-MFA-workshop for recent graduates from the Nordic/Baltic Art Academies. 5-11 Aug

Bureau of Irrational Affairs
Kulturhuset, Finspång 1 feb – 31 dec
Visiting hours: second Tuesday of every month 10.00 – 15.00

David Larsson (SE) ”Det fanns inget annat att göra med skogen”
Embedded installation, Reijmyre Glasbruk 11 Feb – 3 Sept
Opening, presentation and performance, 11 feb 14.00

Seeking an ‘Any Thing’ from an uncertain time in the ruins of Rejmyre’s future
Lake Hunn ice-dive-expedition, 26 Feb 13.00-15.00
Latitude: 58,8261 Longitude: 15,9683

Kristoffer Tejlgaard (DK)
Public lecture on Utopian Architecture
17 March 17.00, Engelska Magasinet, Rejmyre

Performing Labour Part IV 
Arist-guest-worker-program, Reijmyre Glasbruk 2 – 8 March 
Mattias Åkesson (SE), Sissi Westerberg (SE),
Daniel Peltz (US/SE)
Public presentations:
8 March, 29 april, 6 maj, 20 maj, 15 juni, 29 juli, 2 sept
kl 14.00

Embedded installations, Reijmyre Glasbruk 11 Feb – 3 Sept

Performing Labour is a long-term project in the Reijmyre Glasbruk, engaging with artist and industrial craft labour as platforms for reconsidering the role and status of the contemporary labouring body

Launch of Rejmyre Product Line &
Rejmyre Product Catalogue
Release of the Rejmyre Product Catalogue: an artistic research on labour, disseminated in the form of a product catalogue, presented together with the products produced through the artist guest-worker programme.
29 April - 3 Sept 
Public presentation, 29 april, 6 maj, 20 maj, 15 juni, 29 juli, 2 sept kl 14.00
Download PDF of catalogue

Robyn Backen (AUS)
Artist-in-residence 20 July –  4 Sept
Meet the artist – lecture at Norrköping Art Museum TBA
Embedded installation, Reijmyre Glasbruk 2 Sept – 29 okt
Public presentation, 2 Sept 14.00

Robyn's residency is made possible by support from
SPACED 3: North by Southeast

Performing Labour Part V
Arist-guest-worker-program, Reijmyre Glasbruk 20 – 30 July
Robyn Backen (AUS), Benjamin Slotterøy (SE)

Anna Berglind (SE)
Workshop/intervension in the woods, 7-8 Oct
Embedded installation, Reijmyre Glasbruk 28 Oct – 17 Dec
Opening and public presentation 28 Oct